Kiana Agriculture


Today our planet faces many changes/challenges such as climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, soil decarbonization, desertification, environmental pollution and loss of fertile soil, which puts various types of abiotic and biotic stress on plants. Plants are affected from stress severely: their physiological functions diminish, hormones are imbalanced, antioxidant enzyme activity decreases and photosynthesis is reduced. As a result, they cannot uptake nutrients from soil, the growth is hindered, their immune system is supressed, they become more susceptible to diseases, all of which decrease the crop yield and quality.

To address these issues, we produce innovative biological solutions that are composed of enzymes, proprietary microorganisms, phytohormones, natural minerals and common biostimulants. Our aim is to increase the quality of soil, to enhance nutrient use efficiency, to improve plants’ ability to withstand stress and to decrease the use of chemicals in the most sustainable and affordable way.

Kiana products contain a wide range of bioactives that work synergistically. Our innovation comes from utilization of enzyme technology and our own beneficial bacterial strains together with plant hormones and common biostimulants. Our products offer the ease of application, higher yields and are cost effective. Kiana products are not crop specific, i.e. they can be used in any types of crops universally.

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